Presenting Vesicles

In the step-by-step exploration, we developed nanocarriers which comprised a diverse range of core/carrier structures and efficacy tested materials. With the fully investigated immune-stimulating properties, we explored both the conjugation of various antigens to the surface and the loading of immunomodulatory reagents within encapsulated spaces. We linked the multidisciplinary fields including nanotechnology, materials science, and immunology. This strong backup enables our nanocarriers to become designable and achievable.

Thanks to our development team, a diverse portfolio of nanocarriers is ready to serve. The sizes, compositions, and physical parameters are flexibly adjusted to meet the unique demands. Besides, our organic nanoparticles provide cargo space for antigens in addition to their ability to present the Single-Chain Histocompatibility Complex at the surface. To better support the area of graft-versus-tumor (GvT) study, our presenting vesicles services will address the bottleneck in manufacture by bridging different academic research. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

For Research Use Only.

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